South Dakota Pork Production At A Glance

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  • There are 2,300,000 hogs in South Dakota
  • 11,000 South Dakotan’s work in the pork industry
  • 560,000 litters of pigs were born and raised in 2020
  • $892 million added to the gross state product from pork production
  • 37 million bushels of corn and 10 million bushels of beans are fed to pigs every year in SD
  • South Dakota is currently ranked #9

What is the South Dakota Pork Producers Council?

The South Dakota Pork Producers Council is a unified and engaged advocate that promotes, with integrity, the image and growth of the South Dakota pork industry through education, research, marketing, and responsible policy.

SDPPC operates with 2 sources of funding, a mandatory checkoff established in 1985 and a voluntary

funding program supported by producers and allied industry started back in the 1967.

The mandatory checkoff dollars are restricted to 3 areas, education, research and promotion. The voluntary funding is unrestricted and used for legislative and regulatory issues.