National Pork Producers Council and SDPPC encourage all pork producers to register their premises as part of the National Swine ID System. To register your South Dakota premises, visit the South Dakota Animal Industry Board website. Facts about premises identification

  • Premises registration is the first of three steps included in the National Animal Identification System.
  • A premises is a location on a map and does not provide livestock ownership information.
  • Since 1988, the swine industry has had a working animal identification system in place for hogs moved in interstate commerce.
  • The pork industry adopted a premises identification system during the national pseudorabies eradication effort.
  • Information used in premises registration will be banked at the state level and will only be used in case of an animal health emergency.
  • The swine-specific identification standards do not require individual identification of each pig.

Benefits of registering your premises

  • Animal health officials can rapidly assess the number of farms and animals affected or at risk in case of an animal health emergency.
  • Animal health officials inform premises about how to protect their herds if they are in the vicinity of a highly contagious animal disease outbreak.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture has a document containing more information, questions and myths surrounding animal identification, This information obtained from the National Pork Checkoff website, find more at