Want to be a pork cook extraordinaire? Here's the scoop!

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Cuts of Pork

Back ribs, blade steak, loin, shoulder, belly, tenderloin - what does it all mean! We have a handy dandy guide to help you figure it all out.

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Time and Temperature Guides

145 degrees F is the number to remember and a meat thermometer is a must for cooking pork to perfection. Don't worry, we'll explain more and teach you how to use that thermometer.

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Pork Nutrition

Pork is packed with nutrients your body needs. Protein (of course!), zinc, iron, B vitamins, and oh my! And you can consume all those nutrients with few calories and fat grams. Today’s pork can also easily be substituted for chicken and beef to provide a lower-calorie protein ingredient. There are many recipes where pork tenderloin can be used instead of boneless, skinless chicken breast. Some examples include chicken marsala and fajitas, and just about any kind of chicken casserole.

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Pork Cooking Techniques

Today’s pork is very versatile which means you can choose from a lot of different cuts and cooking methods.

Best of all, pork can be cooked in a variety ways from grilling and roasting to stove-top preparation.

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