Posted on: January 22, 2024

In the heartland of South Dakota, family isn't just a concept—it's the driving force behind the thriving agricultural legacy of Ryan and Amy Storm. Nestled in Mt. Vernon, Ryan, a third-generation farmer, and Amy, whose roots trace back to farming in Alexandria, SD, embody the essence of familial dedication to the land they call home. Both alumni of South Dakota State University (SDSU), their Jackrabbit pride shines bright, evident in the educational paths chosen by two of their three sons, who have either attended or are currently enrolled at SDSU.

The Storms are the dynamic duo behind a flourishing row crop farm and hog operation featuring three state-of-the-art barns, each accommodating around 1,200 pigs. When Ryan and Amy assumed the reins of the family farm, they embarked on an exciting journey into pork production. Reflecting on those early days, they affirm that the timing was perfect, allowing them to expand their operations.

Beyond their fields and barns, the Storms are loyal community supporters, actively participating in the Davison County Pork Producers. Ryan also spent over 14 years serving on the executive council for the South Dakota Pork Producers. Their involvement is a testament to their commitment to the industry and its future. They value the strong bond and friendship they have with others in the farming community.

The Storms' dedication to family and farming is further illuminated by the return of their son, Jakob, a recent Mitchell Technical Institute graduate. Now residing on the family farm with his wife, Jakob is immersing himself in the operation with Ryan. The joy radiates from Ryan and Amy as they express their happiness that their children share a genuine interest in continuing the family legacy. “He had that passion from a very early age. He loved driving tractors,” Ryan explained. “He loved being around livestock, working with livestock, and doing everything that farming entailed.”

Their middle son, Kory, currently navigating his freshman year at SDSU, has already hinted at the possibility of joining the farm after completing his education. Kory will also be serving as a 2024 SD Pork Ambassador, which is designed to provide an opportunity to become actively involved in the South Dakota pork industry. The program helps develop strong relationships with both pork producers and allied industry members. It is an opportunity to learn about pork production, the industry, and to improve communication and leadership skills. Their youngest son, Luke, is a sophomore at Ethan High School.

Looking toward the future, the Storms have ambitious plans to expand their hog operation, envisioning another barn on the horizon. Their love for pork production is evident in their meticulous care for their pigs. "There's pride in it because you want to obviously raise a good animal and a good product,” said Amy.

Technological advancements have found a home on their farm, ensuring the comfort of their pigs. Automated systems regulate barn temperatures, creating a cozy environment even in the extremes of summer and winter. The Storms use automatic feeders, dispensing feed every four hours. They demonstrate their commitment to quality by using their own corn for pig feed. Additionally, they get soybean meal from a nearby plant that processes their own soybeans.

The Storms' story is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and unwavering family bonds. As they continue to sow the seeds of success on their South Dakota farm, the Storms invite us to share in their passion for agriculture, community, and, of course, the art of pork production.

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